Competitive Level 1 (C1)

  • Ages 13-19
  • 3-6 sessions per week
  • Rowing, ergometer, bike, running (3-6 sessions per week)
  • Weight training (1-2 sessions per week)
  • Core work
  • Flexibility work
  • Age appropriate testing (1k-2k and 5k-6k testing)
  • Boat classes determined by numbers (1X thru 8+)

Racing opportunities will be limited to local and regional events (Kingston, Ottawa) and may also include ERA (Montreal) and CORA regattas (Welland) in the summer. Under certain conditions athletes might also race at the ROWONTARIO Champs Regatta.

If you are new to competitive rowing then C1 is for you. C1 is also for you if have other interests or commitments that keep you from having more time to devote to rowing at the C2 or C3 level.

Monthly Fee


Fees include RCA registration fees and entry fees to local and regional regattas.
Hotel, travel, food and uniform expenses and entry fees to Championship regattas are not covered by the above fees.