C. Douglas Marshall Trophy

This trophy recognizes B.R.C. athletes of strong character. The trophy was donated to the club in 2008 following the death of long-time coach/head coach Doug Marshall. Coach Marshall, affectionately nicknamed “Humphrey”, was Head Coach of the B.R.C. for 42 years and was as interested in an athlete’s character as he was his or her ability to row fast.

The recipients of the Humphrey are selected by the sitting coaching staff. The award is presented when there is an athlete deemed to be worthy of the same. The winner shall have his/her name engraved on the trophy and will receive an engraved keeper trophy as a keepsake.

The trophy will be presented to a B.R.C. rower that exhibits the following qualities:


C. Douglas Marshall Trophy winners:

Will Mulcahy, 2014
Conlin McCabe, 2012
Lance Brazeau, 2011
Maude Rannells-Warren, 2010
Patrick O’Shaughnessy Hunter, 2009
Chad Harvey, 2008