Brockville Rowing Club Award of Merit.

The B.R.C. Award of Merit is the clubs highest form of recognition. It is awarded to deserving individuals who have, in the opinion of a sitting Board of Director’s, given of themselves tirelessly and selflessly to build the sport of rowing in Brockville.

The Award of Merit has been awarded 17 times since the inception of the award in September 1962 and is most often awarded at the B.R.C. Annual General Meeting or annual dinner.

Russell R. Shorey

September 15, 1962

James R. Maclaren QC

September 15, 1962

Harold Gaffney

September 21, 1963

George T Fulford

September 18, 1965

Fred Steele

September 18, 1967

Ralph Gifford

September 20, 1969

Jewell Gaffney

September 27, 1975

Helen Maclaren

September 24, 1977

Dr. John McDougall

November 27, 1983

C.Douglas Marshall

September 22, 1987

H. Patricia Marshall

July 30, 1994

Donold H. Swayne

July 30, 1994

Ben W. Tekamp

August 16, 2006

William Tooker

August 16, 2006

Donald G.(Ding) Ross

August 23, 2012